Evi Torzsok


2015 Institute of Training + Further Education, Melbourne, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

2008 Special Effect Course, Paris /Prof. : Jeremy Burette Caravita/

2008 Make Up Forever Academy, Paris /Beauty, Fashion, ‘Visagisme’/

2004-2008 Budapest College of Management, Business Communication /Media/


April 2015 –> Academy of Makeup Melbourne; beauty, special effects and airbrush trainer /South Yarra, Melbourne/

21.03.2015 Fashion show for Melbourne Virgin Fashion Week, The Boutique Edition High Tea /Melbourne/

December 2014 “Paddington” film premier, face painting /Budapest/

November 2014 ”The Boscolo Budapest Hotel” campaign video /Budapest/

September 2014 “Noar Line” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

02.05.2014 Hair show for “Kevin Murphy” /Design Terminal, Budapest/

01.05.2014 “Celeni” resort collection campaign /Kisújszállás/

27.04.2014 “Noar Line” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

26.04.2014 “Enjey” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

23.04.2014 “Robert Maar” campaign /Budapest/

April 2014 “Il Bacio di Stile” editorial /Budapest/

28.03.2014 “Pelso” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

February 2014 “Celeni” campaign, fashion video /Budapest/

19.01.2014 “The Meed” campaign /Budapest/

September 2013- December 2013 Make-Up Artist at ”Spa Angels” /Melbourne/

05.08.2013 “Celeni” campaign, fashion video /Esztergom/

Summer 2013 “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” American action movie /Páty/

June 2013 “Abraka Babra” Tv Show /Budapest/

April 2013 “Pelso” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

28.02.2013 “Celeni” campaign, fashion video, lookbook /Budapest/

February 2013 “Philosophy Magazine” editorial /Budapest/

January 2013 “The Meed” campaign, lookbook /Budapest/

December 2012 – January 2013 Make-Up Artist at Mode Art graduations/Budapest/

June 2012- September 2012 Make-Up Artist at ”Spa Angels” /Melbourne/

December 2011 – March 2012 Beauty Advisor at Bobbi Brown /Myer Melbourne/

October 2011 Make-Up Arist at ”Angel Faces” /Melbourne/

09 – 12.10.2011 “Body Movie” short movie /Melbourne/

08.10.2011 ”Antarctica” photoshoot /Melbourne/

09.08.2011 ”F Magazine Cambodia”, editorial /Budapest/

12.07.2011 “Zoom”, Tv show for AXN /Budapest/

08.07.2011 Charity video for the Red Cross /Budapest/

20.06-30.06.2011 “Birdsong” English drama /Budapest/

15.06.2011 VM Supermodel ’11, photoshoots for Valentine Model Management /Budapest/

13.06.2011 Fashion Video with Je Ne Sais Quoi /Budapest/

June 2011 Makeover with Anna Gero for “Nánási Studio” /Budapest/

30.05-02.06.2011 Preparation for “Die Samenhändlerin” German Tv film /Győr/

12.05.2011 “Presztízs Magazin” cover and editorial /Budapest/

April 2011 “Face The Pro” second season, Tv show /Budapest/

April 2011 Makeover for „Kepesvagyok Studio” /Budapest/

19.04.2011 “CKM” Editorial with Anna Gero /Budapest/

21.04.2011 Bartók Eszter video clip with Anna Gero /Budapest/

March 2011-> Make-Up Teacher at „Gero Anna Make-Up School” /Budapest/

October 2010 Test Shoots with Tess Feuilhaide for “Nathalie Agency Paris” and for “Silent Models Paris” /Paris/

20.10.2010 “Paris Capitale” cover and editorial with Alan Milroy /Paris/

Summer 2010 “RTL Klub” make-up artist for live broadcast /Budapest/

June 2010 – December 2010 “Face The Pro” first season, Tv show /Budapest/

9-12.06.2010 VM Supermodel ’10, photoshoots for Valentine Model Management, “AHN TUAN”, “Mojzes Dora” fashion show /Budapest/

January – March 2010 “Szentkirályi” advertisement campaign with Jeremy B. Caravita, make up, special effects /Budapest, Paris/

December 2009 Dobrády Ákos concert, background video /Budapest/

14.09.2009 “True Blood” Book cover -3.vol.- /Budapest/

Summer 2009 “The Pillars Of The Earth” mini-series /Ócsa, Fót/

12.06.2009 “C-Heads Magazine” ISSUE 16, cover /Budapest/

11-14.06.2009 VM Supermodel ’09, photoshoots for Valentine Model Management, “AHN TUAN” fashion show /Budapest/

05.06.2009 “True Blood” Book cover -2.vol.- /Budapest/

15-17.05.2009 “Salon De Mode International” fashion shows /Le Marais, Paris/

04.02.2009 “C-Heads Magazine” ISSUE 15 /Levallois-Peret, Paris/

2008-2009 Special effects assistant /Jeremy B. Caravita-Double Fx, Paris/

29.11.2008 Face Painting /Parc Des Exposition Paris Le Bourget/

06.11.2008 “12 Coeurs” Tv show /Paris/

17.10.2008 Dance show /Sorbonne, Paris/

26.09.2008 “Star Academy” Tv show /La Plaine Saint Dennis/

21.09.2008 Hair show for “Alexandre de Paris” /Cirque d’hiver, Paris/

18.09.2008 Fashion show for “DIM” /Galeries Lafayette, Paris/

Spring 2008 /Almásy J. Csaba photo studio, Budapest /


Hungarian Mother Tongue

English Advanced Knowledge

German Advanced level “C” type certificate

French Advanced Knowledge


Making sculptures, Cinema, Comics, History of the middle ages, Zoology, Travelling, Skiing

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